L'Arte della tradizione regionale Italiana - Italian traditional regional products' Art

Gusti dall’Italia

 Gusti dall’Italia©

Ermes Trading s.r.l. is a trading company born in 1994, and now, with its brand “Gusti dall’Italia” ( = “Tastes from Italy” ), is focused on the screening of the best Italian food and wine specialties.

We are part of the biggest and most qualified organization of Italian companies, named Confcommercio, which collect over 800.000 Italian companies.

We are now also joint to Italian Chinese Organization, which takes care of all the custom and delivery operations, thanks to a dedicated structure present in Italy and in China.

After many years of careful research, we have now a very deep knowledge of the Italian market, and we are able to individuate the best producers for each specific food or wine product.

Our vision is to create the best connection between each Italian company and every foreign company interested in buy directly the best quality products, chosen among the huge Italian production.

Our research has been particularly focused on the small and medium production company, so that clients can have the privilege to get in contact with very particular company and products, which do not exist in any part of the world, except the small Italian region where they were born and live.

Depending on the needs of the foreign companies, or their taste, we can provide any Italian product.

We can offer the best condition for the best quality Italian products. Any request of specific offer or trial order is very welcome. In case of need, we can do for you any kind of research of particular product or producer.

Here is what we can provide for you:

  • Research of producing partner on specific Italian F&W product
  • Economic Offer on specific product, or range, to buy and evaluate (trial order)
  • Economic offer for import, on detailed request about item, quantity/month, destination, sales channel
  • Any other information about Italian product

What we need from you is:

  • Description of your company: main business, distribution system, structure, volumes at present, products / services offered at present to Chinese market; turn over
  • Specific request about Italian product: requested item, quantity for trial order, possible quantity in following orders, delivery time requested, specific distribution channel
  • Formal order form, signed by the responsible

for any question, don’t hesitate to contact us !